D16 Group has announced the imminent release of its LuSH-101 virtual analog synthesizer plug-in for Windows and Mac.

d16 group LuSH-101

LuSH-101 is a synthesizer created from modules that can be found in many modern virtual synthesizers, all combined into a single compact and logically intuitive design.

Prepare to have your notions of what a plugin should be capable of forever redefined! Extremely powerful multilayer architecture, a palette of the finest insert effects (each selectable per layer), and an extensive mixer with compression, EQ and send effects all add up to a truly modern synthesizer with vintage playability–and all in the absolute highest sound quality possible at every point along the signal path!

If you’re curious to see what we’ve prepared for you this time, visit LuSH-101’s page now… and prepare to rethink your definition of ‘quality’!

LuSH-101 features

  • Multilayer architecture with 8 independent Layers (per-layer properties)
    • Up to 32 voices of polyphony
    • MIDI channel
    • Keyboard zone
    • Audio output
    • Synthesis: Oscillators (Saw, PWM, Noise), with Supersaw and HardSync options, Sub Oscillator (5 waveforms), Self-oscillating, high-quality, multimode filter, Passive high-pass filter, Up to 8 voice unison with Tune, Cutoff and Panorama spread, 2 LFOs with optional tempo synchronization and re-triggering modes (Trig, Gate, Arpe, None), 2 envelopes with re-triggering modes (Trig, Gate, LFO1, LFO2).
    • Insert effect (selectable algorithms): Chorus, String Ensemble, Phaser, Flanger, Distortion, Vowel filter, Decimator, Tremolo.
    • Modulation Matrix (modulation sources): Note velocity, Pitch bend, Modulation wheel, Expression pedal, Sustain pedal, Keyboard’s aftertouch, Note pitch, Arpeggiator’s output.
    • Arpeggiator: Step sequencer (Gate and Tie per step), 6 Run modes (Up, Down, Up and Down, Down and Up, Random, Manual), Chord mode (Gater), 3 Hold modes (Normal, Toggle, Trigger), Shuffle, Tempo multiplier (Full notes, Dotted notes, Triplets).
  • Mixer
    • Parametric EQs (1 per channel strip)
    • Compressors (1 per channel strip)
    • Up to 11 freely-assignable stereo output busses per instance
    • Send FX’s (Reverb, Chorus, Delay with tempo sync)
  • Presets
    • Over 1700 factory presets
    • 5 preset categories (whole synth, single layer, Arpeggiator, Reverb, Delay)
    • Advanced, file-based preset browser
  • Miscellaneous
    • Advanced MIDI learn
    • Parameter mapping for VST / AU automation

Pricing and release date will be announced soon.

More information: D16 Group / LuSH-101