D16 Group plug-ins go 64bit

D16 Group has announced that its Classic Boxes and SilverLine collection plug-ins have been updated to include 64-bit versions.

We’re glad to inform that all our plug-ins, meaning whole SilverLine collection and all Classic Boxes have been updated, along with providing the new 64bit versions for Windows and MacOS.

Changes in d16 plugins

  • Native 32 bit and 64 bit versions are provided. For PC we have separate VST 32bit and 64bit versions and for Mac we have universal 32/64 bit version.
  • New preset browser with improved functionality.
  • More flexible and easy-to-use options control configuration.
  • Redesigned MidiCC control including improved Midi Learn mode and assigns management.
  • Fixed some major and minor bugs and compatibility issues.

The updates are now available to registered users. Demo versions have also been updated.

More information: D16 Group Audio