Plugin Boutique continues its 9th birthday celebration with an exclusive sale on two audio plugin from D16 Group.

On sale for $45 USD, Godfazer is an advanced modulation unit that combines multiple modulation and filter types into a single, versatile plugin effect, with a spectacular choice of routing topologies.

The most powerful modulation effect D16 group has ever created, Godfazer is your new go-to plugin for chorus, phasing, filtering, rotary speaker emulation and much more. Built with creative sound design at the top of the agenda, Godfazer spatially and spectrally transforms signals of all kinds with its versatile Ensemble module and two dual-modulated Multi Filters.

Spacerek is a compact, intuitive reverb plugin that creates amazingly authentic real-world spaces without bogging you down in complex parameters.

The hybrid algorithm at the heart of Spacerek fuses modelled virtual spaces to a dynamic delay network, generating reverb tails with supremely realistic early reflections, dense, colourful late reflections, and separately adjustable ER and LR pre-delay times. Dozens of emulated room types take in halls, towers, chambers, tunnels and much more, and each one integrates a variety of preset stereo microphone and speaker setups.

Spacerek is $50 USD during the promotion, which ends February 21st, 2021.

More information: D16 Group