D16 Group has announced its upcoming Tekturon, a multitap sequenced delay effect plugin featuring 16 independent, high-quality delay lines.

D16 Group Tekturon GUI

What sets it apart from other, similar products, is the way it’s controlled and the unique topology into which the taps are arranged: The Delay Matrix. In fact, Tekuron can’t be thought of as a tap-delay effect in the strictest sense, but more of a sequence of taps equally delayed from each other, whereby working with the plugin strongly resembles using a step sequencer.

Each of the 16 delay lines has its own independent set of parameters providing complete control over:

  • Delay loop,
  • Panning,
  • Stereo spread,
  • Post-tap multi-mode filter.

Plus, several additional functions affecting whole plug-in; optional tempo sync, tap and swing effect.

Tekturon also provides the ability to control some aspects of the processing globally (adjusting parameters of all 16 delay lines at once) or locally (individually per delay line).

Furthermore, all audio parameters are automatable and MIDI-assignable making Tekturon a great tool for live performance situations. Especially the quick-access mute buttons, which are conveniently placed, always accessible for selectively suppressing individual delay lines.

The Tekturon is scheduled for release on May 15th, 2017. It will cost 69 EUR/$69 USD/£59 GBP incl. taxes if applicable, and it will be part of the SilverLine Collection package.

More information: D16 Group