D16 Group has announced that the Rack Extension version of its Decimort 2 bit crusher effect is now available.

D16 Decimort 2 RE
D16 Decimort 2 RE back

The highest quality low-quality effect you can buy

While this tagline may seem like an oxymoron on the surface, allow us to explain: the Decimort effect unit (available as part of the SilverLine collection of plugins from D16) is a premium grade bit crusher and sample rate reducer with some highly unconventional features. The advanced signal processing algorithms within Decimort simulate the complex behavior of the entire sampling path that exists in every AD/DA converter, and with version 2 comes far greater control over the process!

Decimort has zero internal aliasing—in fact, the only aliasing present is the emulated aliasing of the classic samplers we modeled when creating it. Unwelcome artefacts are completely absent in the processed signal: only the desirable, modeled ones remain.

Decimort 2 RE is available for purchase from the Propellerhead Shop for 39 EUR.

More information: D16 Group / Decimort 2