D16 Group has released Redopter, a high quality Vintage Tube Distortion emulator for Windows and Mac.

It’s a Vintage Tube Distortion emulator based on typical guitar tube amplifier. Unlike regular amplifier Redoptor has an adjustable preamp characteristic and more control over the tube distortion. It contains also a fully controllable 4-band parametric equaliser.

Redopter features

  • Exact tube and tube’s circuits emulation
  • Crossfade between tube and transistor distortion
  • Adjustable power of new harmonics
  • Tunable preamp filters
  • Fully equipped parametric equaliser
  • Presets organised into groups
  • MIDI learn function
  • 64bit internal processing
  • Multi-mode distortion’s quality adjustment

Redopter is available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) for 35 EUR. You can also get it as part of the SilverLine Collection or the Total Bundle. A demo version of Redopter can be found on the D16 Group wesbite.

More information: D16 Group