D16 Group has announced the release of its Syntorus 2 triple path analog chorus effect plugin.

D16 Group Syntorus 2

Syntorus is a chorus with real analog feel, flawlessly emulating the bucket-brigade device (BBD) technology of vintage solid-state electronic delays.

Version 2 comes with a third BBD delay line for a fatter, richer chorus sound. You can route three LFOs to the three delay lines in various topologies for more creative freedom. Each delay line includes its own multimode filter and tremolo effect for rotary speaker emulation and more.

Synchronization with your DAW is effortless with LFO frequency and phase locking to the host DAW’s tempo and song position.

Syntorus 2’s unique analog sound enriches any instrument routed into it, bringing life and movement to synth basses and leads, and adding depth and lushness to guitars and other electric/acoustic instruments.

Download the demo and try Syntorus 2 for yourself. No matter what kind of music you make, this is the analog chorus plugin you’ve been looking for!

New in Syntorus 2

  • Third delay line.
  • New per line features:
    • Multi-mode filter.
    • Panning.
  • 3 Independent LFO generators that can work with delay lines in several different configurations, each LFO added with:
    • Independent phase shift controls for left and right channels with link option.
    • Amplitude control with invert option.
  • Tag-based preset browser.
  • Three GUI scaling options.
  • MIDI-learn functionality throughout.
  • AAX Plugin format.

Syntorus 2 is available now from D16 Group and distributor Plugin Boutique for the intro price of 49 EUR (regular 59 EUR). The offer expires March 10th, 2020. A free 30-day fully functional trial version is available for download.

The plugin is also included in the SilverLine Collection of Total Bundle. Owners of the original Syntorus and other D16 Group products will receive special offers (check your User Area account).

More information: D16 Group