D16 Group Nepheton / Drumazon

D16 Group has released updated versions of Nepheton and Drumazon, two virtual drum machine instruments for Windows and Mac, capable of emulating the sounds of the 808 and 909 drum machines.

Nepheton and Drumazon have been officially updated and since now, they’re are also available as MacOS Audio Unit format.

Changes in Nepheton v1.1.2

  • Number of audio outputs is reduced to 12 (due to some hosts’ limitations).
  • Draggable tempo display for internal tempo change.
  • AU beta bugs were fixed.
  • Part1/2 indication bugs were fixed.

Changes in Drumazon v1.1.7

  • Internal Seq modes were changed.
  • Pattern Store button was removed.
  • Randomizer works also on flam’ed steps.
  • Rescale function was removed.
  • Shuffle, Flam and Tempo are stored per pattern.
  • Total Accent level is global.
  • Leds for pattern length indications were added.
  • Separate display for internal tempo was added.
  • Instruments’ activity leds were added.
  • Added single track shifting during internal patterns edition.

Both Nepheton and Drumazon also include many changes for unification with other D16 drum machines, details here.

More information: D16 Group