D16 Group has announced updates for its Tekturon sequenced multitap delay, Decimort 2 bitcrusher, Devastor 2 multiband distortion and Repeater vintage modeled delay.

D16 Group Tekturon GUI

Changes in Decimort 2.1.1/Devastor 2.1.1

  • Fixed – Bypass automation issue.

Changes in Tekturon 1.0.1

  • Fixed – Panning bug in Mono to Stereo processing (AU, AAX).
  • Fixed – Bypass automation issue.

Repeater in Repeater 1.1.1

  • Fixed – Default settings recall issue (Pro Tools).
  • Fixed – Bypass automation issue.
  • Minor changes.

The updates are now available to registered users. Demo versions were updated as well.

More information: D16 Group