Daevlmakr has released its Daevl.SK9, a collection of 99 new Instrument Racks for Ableton Live, built from high-quality, original multisamples of the SK1’s preset sounds.

Daevlmkr Daevl.SK9

All Daevl.SK9 Instrument Racks are built with triple macro control panels: a voice module, an effects module and a channel strip.

Daevl.SK9: the SK1 never sounded like this before. Filled with ethereal pads, strange syncopations, buzzing leads and gargoyled textures, we’ve taken the lo-fi, digital aliasing soul of the SK1 and given it a new chassis, one in which its voice can finally reach full range. Built for The Now, it’s the SK1 reimagined as a rough and ready, cyborganic space cruiser.

Big ugly basses, tentacled arpeggios, gritty rhythmic structures, chip dust faeries embedded in amber, howling slabs of atmosphere. Ambient to elektro, synthwave to sparklepop, industrial to disco, witch house to wubstep: if you like the strange and exploratory you’ll love Daevl.SK9.

Daevl.SK9 is compatible with Ableton Live 8 Standard and Suite. The library is available to purchase for the introductory price of $9 USD for a limited time.

More information: Daevlmakr