DMS Psytrance Bass SoundFonts

Dance MIDI Samples has announced the release of DMS Psytrance Bass SoundFonts, a collection of 40 multi-sampled bass SoundFonts (SF2) aimed at Psychedelic Trance production.

Our new pack features 40 multi-sampled Psy Bass SoundFonts designed to give your productions that instantly recognisable bass sound! Whatever your style, from Progressive to Full On this pack has the basses you’ll need to make great sounding tracks!

We’ve sampled our favourite synths to bring you this Psychedelic Trance bass SoundFont collection that’s compatible with many of today’s leading samplers including: FL Studio’s Soundfont Player, Apple Logic Pro’s EXS24 Sampler, NI Kontakt, Reason’s NN-XT, Steinberg Halion, MOTU MachFive and Ableton Live’s Sampler.

As an extra special bonus we’ve included the demo track as an Ableton Live Pack, with versions optimised for both Live 8 and Live 9 Standard. We’ve also included all 40 basses as Simpler instruments for those who don’t own Ableton Live Suite. Load up the Live Pack and you’ll find the Simpler Basses along with some handy percussion and bassline Clips to get your productions off to a flying start. Just drag-n-drop from Live’s Browser Pane to get your latest track off the ground!

Psytrance Bass SoundFonts is available for purchase for £14.99 GBP.

DMS Psytrance Bass For Logic Pro X features 40 multi-sampled EXS24 instruments aimed at Psychedelic Trance, along with bonus material including the demo track as a Logic Pro X project.

DMS Psytrance Bass For Logic Pro X

We’ve sampled our favourite Psy basses and added them to our demo track, complete with full processing using only Logic’s built in plugin suite. Loaded into Logic’s EXS24 Sampler these basses are a force to be reckoned with – check out our demo track (included in the download with all sounds) to get an idea of how you could use these great Psytrance bass sounds and basslines in your own productions.

Bonus Content: Not to be out-done we’ve also included plenty of bonus samples and MIDI loops so that you can get to work on your own Psytrance anthems straight away. We’ve also included all 40 basses as SoundFonts should you wish to add them to your Logic Sampler Instruments folder for instant use in other productions. From Progressive to Full On and Pure Psychedelic these sounds have you covered.

Psytrance Bass For Logic Pro X costs £17.99 GBP.

Lastly, Dance MIDI Samples has released DMS Tripped Out Psytrance Loops, a sample pack featuring over 140 Psychedelic synth and acid loops ready to create instant impact in your tracks.

DMS Tripped Out Psytrance Loops

We’ve created key grouped folders, each containing 10 tripped-out, spacey, floaty and arpeggiated psychedelic synthesiser loops alongside 10 bubbling, squelching and squealing 303 style acidlines. The loops from each key folder can easily be mixed and matched. All 140 loops have been recorded at 138 BPM.

Bonus Content: The download also includes the basslines used in our demo track along with drum and percussion loops as well as MIDI for the bassline and basic percussion to ensure that your tracks get off to a banging’ acidic start! Acid Techno lovers will also enjoy the acid loops in this pack.

Tripped Out Psytrance Loops is available for £11.99 GBP.

More information: Dance Midi Samples