Dance MIDI Samples has released Project Theadora, a new Sylenth1 soundset by Gary Falcon Lang.

Dance MIDI Samples Project Theadora

This Next Generation Sylenth1 VST Soundset has been psycho-acoustically designed by ace synth programmer Gary Falcon Lang to expand the sonic capabilities of this already incredible synth! Whether you’re into producing commercial club music, pop, trance,electro, hardstyle, or just need a fresh injection of top-sounding patches for your synth Project Theodora has an awesome selection of sounds that go far beyond the standard bread-and-butter soundsets that you’ll find kicking around! Sound types that you’ll find in this patch collection include: hits, glides, leads, basses, arps & sequences.

There certainly are no ‘filler’ sounds in amongst these cutting edge sounds, each with it’s own unique sheen to enhance your latest productions. Listen to the demo track today and find out why we think that this Sylenth soundset is one of the best we’ve heard for a long time! Project Theadora: the no filler, all killer sound design experience!

Project Theadora features

  • 64 sounds for LennarDigital Sylenth1.
  • Includes 80mb of bonus material featuring all the sounds from the demo track as WAV audio and MIDI as well as added special FX and percussion samples (36 .wav files / 13 .mid files).
  • Requires Sylenth1 VST V2.2.

Project Theadora is available to purchase from Dance MIDI Samples for £12.99 GBP.

More information: Dance MIDI Samples