Ronei Leite Sweep FX

Dance MIDI Samples has released Sweep FX, a soundset by Ronei Leite for the Discovery Pro software synthesizer from discoDSP.

The producer and sound designer Ronei Leite has created 120 special FX to spice up your productions! The FX include ‘uplifter’ and ‘downlifter’ effect samples to both accentuate and create smoother transitions between sections of your tracks.

The download also includes 120 Discovery Pro FX presets featuring a selection of tones designed to but used in conjunction with synth parameters such as filter cutoff, FM & LFO rate to create sweeping effects that every producer should have in their sonic toolkit!

Sweep FX features

  • 120 FX Samples (Wav).
  • 120 DiscoDSP Discovery Pro Patches.
  • Standard FXB file.

Sweep FX is available to purchase for £19.99 GBP / 23.99 EUR.

More information: Dance MIDI Samples