Dance Music Production has released Deep House, a music production tutorial video.

Dance Music Production Deep House

For this much anticipated volume we examine the theory and practice behind the production of Deep House. Drawing on elements of Chicago house, soul, funk and Detroit music, deep house is often best known for its jazzy suspended chords, close-concentrated dissonant melodies, soulful vocal snippets and a general laid-back, deep, soulful feel to the music that moves your soul as well as your sole.

Spread across 3 DVD’s we examine the production of this genre step by step with a focus on the style often signed to labels such as Anjunadeep.

DMP Vol 16: Deep House features

  • Disc 1 — The tutorial begins with the general idea composition and sound design principles behind the trademark chord progressions, bass lines and counter melodies. During the course of the first disc, we work at building the basic backbone of a small example track while introducing the theory of chord development, retrograde inversion, thematic and motivic development in the bass, the uses of parallelism, chord “planing”, suspensions, intervallic dissonance and bass/lead/harmony counterpoint.Using various examples in both theory and sound design we show how these can be used to create the jazzy almost laid back feel of the genre.
  • Disc 2 — With the compositional backbone of the track complete we move onto further sound design. Since this genre relies on few instruments, sound design is king so we spend much of this disc time examining the requisite processing and programming techniques to create the sound and feel of the genre.
    We also investigate the sound design and programming behind the house-style skippy drum loops and generation of the over-percussive elements, introducing further techniques such as displacement, modulation, cell patterning, phrase extensions, embellishment, transitioning and drum fragmentation.
  • Disc 3 — Finally, for disc 3, we work towards completing our example track by tieing all of our ideas together. Beginning with a further examination of synthesis, effects busses and processing chains, we work to develop the track with further melodies and vocal hooks while working towards the complete arrangement.

The tutorial DVD is available for purchase for £44.95 GBP.

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