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Dangerous Bear has released Fortuity, a VSTi combining a custom HG Fortune engine with samples by Dangerous Bear.


  • Engine: 2-layer, 16-voice polyphonic evolved from the technology of Fortune’s STS series, including transition synthesis. Features include 2 sf2 oscillators, resonant low-pass filter, filter FM, filter and volume ADSR, Xtortion distortion effect with pre-post filter balance, pre-post filter balance for the oscillator signals, and delay. The modulation sources include 3 lfos, a sample and hold generator and the contour generator
  • Soundset: 5 sf2 banks including 254 instruments and 211 megabytes of 16-bit samples. This includes all of the soundset of the previous dBu Fortune synth libraries, Admixture and Involution, plus more all-new samples
  • Presets: Over 300, with more to come

Fortuity for Windows PC costs $40 USD. A demo SF2 file is available for download.

Visit Dangerous Bear for more information and audio demos.