Daniel Stawczyk has released Caffeine, a soundset of sequenced presets for Discovery Pro (Windows).

Caffeine is a totally new approach to sound design within the Discovery Pro environment. Caffeine is actually a set of 3 banks. The primary one is a presentation of amazing sonique possibilities of the world-acclaimed Discovery Pro VST instrument by discoDSP.

Caffeine features

  • Main bank (125 presets) includes 78 amazing multi-layered presets, 16 rich arpeggiators and 31 inspiring melody lines.
  • Presets feature rhythm patterns, thrilling bus lines, panning effects, marvellous background atmos along with innovative mod-wheel action.
  • Two additional sub-banks with all the sequenced lines of Caffeine: arpeggiators/melodies (127 presets), percussion (38 presets), bass (34 presets), efx (32 presets) and atmos (20 presets) providing you with a free choice of your own pattern combinations.

Caffeine for Discovery Pro is available for download for 25 EUR (Windows PC only).

Visit Daniel Stawczyk for more information and audio demos.