Daniel Stawczyk (Status) has announced the release of Decent-Neurotic-Arpeggiators, a collection of 200 arp presets for the Ultra Analog VA-1 software synthesizer by Applied Acoustics Systems.

“DNA” is the set of two hundred arp loops created on the basis of the Ultra Analog VA-1’s arpeggiator concept.
Despite the seemingly limited possibilities of the instrument’s arpeggiator, when skillfully conducted, the synth seems to make miracles.
With its LFO action combined with the PAN flexibility, “Decent-Neurotic-Arpeggiators” Soundset is probably the first offer of this kind on the market.

Decent-Neurotic-Arpeggiators features

  • 58 presets of HARD feature.
  • 60 MILD presets.
  • 52 SOFT loop inspirations.
  • 11 DRUMS playing.

The soundset costs $18 USD.

More information: Daniel Stawczyk