Daniel Stawczyk PLUS

Daniel Stawczyk (Status) has announced the release of PLUS, a collection of sounds for the LittleOne software synthesizer by Xhun Audio.

PLUS is a soundset for Xhun Audio’s VSTi version of the world acclaimed LittlePhatty by Moog. It is the first third-party commercial soundset for LittleOne.

PLUS features

  • 128 presets: 16 gated sequences and melodies, 16 leads, 7 organic drum tools, 9 pianos, 16 special effects, 64 pads and synthesizers.
  • “Special Assignment Package” of 55 bank presets (additional joined PitchBender and ModWheel modulation action as well Channel Pressure mapped for the preset creativity).
  • Includes 128 bank presets saved individually to allow constructing one’s favourite custom preset bank.
  • All the bank presets have Modwheel action mapped.
  • The presets are LittleOne v2.3 compatible.

The PLUS soundset is available to purchase for $18 USD.

More information: Daniel Stawczyk