SampleTekk has launched a limited time deal on the bundle of Patmos and Guitars in Space, offering half off on the Kontakt instrument libraries by Dark Intervals for the next few days.

Patmos features 45 instrument patches and 30 multis.

All sounds are atmospheric, pads and ambient motions, suitable for soundscapes, ambient music, trailer music and various genres seeking lush and deep sound.

Guitars in Space is based on electric guitar sound source.

We mainly used Jazzmaster style guitar in recording process, and baritone fretless for additional effects. This instrument is a tool for ambient and cinematic indie genre, with very little space required and without (in our opinion) patches you will never use, since often there is a case where customer purchases big sample library and uses only small part of it.

The bundle of both sample libraries is priced only $24.50 until July 15th, 2022 (regular $49 USD).