Glitch Jockey creates glitches in totally different ways than traditional glitch plugs, indeed differently than any other glitch VST you can find on the internet.

For starters, Glitch Jockey is 100% stereophonic, not mono. Glitch Jockey can process stereo sound precisely, as well as process mono sound. Glitch Jockey doesn’t touch your host’s buffer. It doesn’t sequence any of it’s effects. It doesn’t sample and hold a single piece of audio.

Instead, all effects are 100% user defined and simultaneous. You can completely tailor Glitch Jockey to compliment or corrupt your source material to the Nth degree. Also, with Glitch Jockey, -you- have complete control of all parameters in -realtime-, every change happens immediately.

All FX units included have been tweaked to perform maximum glitch action off the bat.

Each effect has its own individual LFO for respective parameter automation. The LFOs allow fine tuning of automatic and continous glitch effects. Also, the LFOs use a global custom waveform selection which is user selectable as well. All of those fusions alone would make Glitch Jockey mighty indeed… but the best part rests in the G-Vector.

The G-Vector is a joystick-like interface that can control any glitch effect synced to it (you choose which ones) in a kinetic fashion.

Glitch Jockey costs $20USD, a demo version and mp3 clips are available.

Visit the DarkWare website for more information.