Dave Smith Instruments has announced the Mopho x4, a 4-voice polyphonic analog keyboard synthesizer.

Dave Smith Instruments Mopho x4

Mopho x4 is intuitive and inviting. Every parameter is fully programmable and editable from the front panel. The controls are logically laid out, lending themselves to quick access so you can tweak knobs without missing a beat.

Mopho x4 is the newest addition to DSI’s revered line of analog subtractive synthesizers.

Building upon the same award winning voice architecture of the Mopho and Mopho Keyboard, the Mopho x4 boasts huge sound and 4 voice polyphony in an ideally sized, portable, and elegantly designed package.

Use it to create huge unison basses, creamy leads, maniacal sequences, and ethereal pads.

Mopho x4 features

  • 4-Voice polyphony analogue synthesiser based on the legendary Mopho.
  • 44-note velocity sensitive semi weighted keyboard with aftertouch.
  • 2 Oscillators, 2 sub oscillators, and 2- and 4-pole Curtis Low Pass filters per voice.
  • Three ADSHR envelopes, four LFOs, step sequencer and arpeggiator.
  • Unrivaled routing flexibility with 20 modulation sources and almost 50 destinations.
  • FM filtering and feedback path.
  • Poly Chain: expand your Mopho x4 to up to 16 voices (with three Tetras).
  • Freely Assignable Pitch and Mod Wheels.

More information: Dave Smith Instruments / Mopho x4