David Ross HollyQ VST

David Ross has released HollyQ, a free Two Tone Shelving Equalizer VST.

HollyQ is a simple Bass/Treble shelving equalizer in the spirit of the old 1970s component home stereos. If you’re old enough to remember sitting at home listening to records, then you most likely remember at times finding the sound from your stereo to be a bit thin or dull, like you weren’t hearing everything. You would then walk over to your stereo amp and give the bass or treble control a little nudge until the sound became full and clear. Yeah, a little home mastering in your own bedroom.

With HollyQ, you can now do the same thing with your final mixes, individual tracks, and even old records you’re transferring to CD. David has used his considerable talent to develop a very smooth +/- 12db equalization curve to breathe some life into any audio source where simple shelving EQ is required.


  • Two Tone Equalizer
  • Bass and Treble +/- 12dB Boost and Cut
  • Parametric Shelving Equalizers providing clean passthrough response at 0dB
  • Supports VST 2.4 double precision processing, and 2.3 float precision processing

Visit David Ross for some more freeware plug-ins or HollyDrift to download HollyQ VST.