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David Siu – a recent graduate from Collin College (Plano/Dallas area) music program – has won the recent Big 4 Bundle giveaway at

David likes to compose anything “from urban styles to up-tempo dance, plus a bit of misc. experimental & jazz.”

On his website Resonative it says:

Music are messages. Sometimes it’s a story too long to tell, sometimes bits of feelings one cannot into words. Maybe that tiny slice of life at 10, or a faint whisper from the sky. And other times they just speak, without reason.

I write messages. Hope they speak to you.

After having a listen to some of his songs on SoundCloud, I caught up with David for some Q&A.

rekkerd: Could you share some details on your musical works?
David: I like many things so it’s a bit of master-of-none… But piano is my main instrument, so lots of my music stem from my own playing at the keyboard. I grew up with Japanese pop music, so lots of them kind of rub off from that.

rekkerd: How do you incorporate software and plugins in your creative processes?
David: They are big part of it! My whole rig is based around my Macbook Pro, so pretty much everything is done ITB (in the box, Ed.). I tend to do rough sketches/programming in DAW, work with the ideas away from the computer for some time, and finally finishing out ITB again. Love mixing with outboards, but nothing beats plugins for me under a deadline.

rekkerd: What are your first impressions of the Big 4 Bundle plug-ins?
David: Totally blown away. All of them add something pleasant with just a small dose yet faithful to the signal. Especially Elysia Alpha, which I’ve been eyeing for some time but refused to demo in fear of going broke… Thanks to Rekkerd I don’t have to anymore! All 4 had already walked themselves into mixes I’m working on. They aren’t unicorns that shoot rainbow skittles the moment you drop them in, but with a couple clicks at the right place they absolutely make things sing.

rekkerd: Anything you’d like to share with readers?
David: According to my friend, watching a person (me) giggling while tweaking knobs on the screen is apparently very creepy… So don’t do that.

And please support your local young composers! Massive shoutout to Rekkerd and Plugin Alliance :D

Thank you David, and many thanks to all who participated in the giveaway.

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