ddmf has released IIEQ Pro, a 10 band parametric EQ, and SmallEQ, a freeware 10-band EQ VST plug-in.

ddmf IIEQ Pro

IIEQ Pro was designed to deliver superior sonic quality while maintaining a low CPU consumption. Hence, it is the ultimate track EQ which can be inserted into your project many times without having to worry about audio dropouts or stuttering.

IIEQ Pro features

  • 10 fully parametric bands
  • 12 filter types per band
  • filters can be used in series or in parallel configuration

IIEQ Pro costs 50 euros. The previously available free IIEQ version will come back in a 2.0 version soon, with a completely new GUI.

SmallEQ might well be the smallest EQ plug-in you’ve ever seen. The screenshot below is the full GUI.

ddmf SmallEQ

SmallEQ features

  • 8 fully parametric bands
  • one low- and one highshelf filter
  • full engine of the IIEQ
  • small GUI!

ddmf’s mastering equalizer LP10 has also been updated.

Visit ddmf for more information and links to download demos of IIEQ Pro and LP10, and to download the free SmallEQ.