ddmf updates IIEQPro to v1.2 and LP10 to v2.2

ddmf IIEQ Pro

ddmf has released version 1.2 of IIEQPro (track EQ) and version 2.2 of LP10 (mastering EQ).

Changes in these versions

  • Fixed a bug that occured under the newest version of Ableton Live when changing filter types the first time after startup. This has lead to an
    internal remapping of the filter types: in projects in which the previous versions have been used the user will have to choose the filter types again.
  • Fixed the issue with CPU spikes when changing from program A to B or vice versa.
  • Included a few presets with common filter settings at startup.

The updates are free of charge for current users. Both plug-ins can be purchased at any price you like (at least $0.50 to cover the Paypal transaction costs).

Visit ddmf for more information.

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