de la Mancha Group Buy

de la Mancha has announced a Group Buy, a limited time offer on two plug-in bundles.

Up for grabs are 2 different bundles of plugins at $29 per bundle.

The contents of the bundles increases with the number of people signing in and if 50 people sign up then the bundles are completed (approx value $100 each)

You can sign up now for free, you just need to provide your email address in the sign-up form. Sign up closes on 4th April. At the end of the sign-up period, you can choose to buy either or both bundles

de la Mancha Group Buy

  • OFFER A – The Sink Bundle – $29 (4 plugins worth $102)
    • 20 participants – slix randomising loopslicer (reduced from $39)
    • 30 participants – adds Impakter vintage drum module
    • 40 participants – adds thr33some stereo effect tool
    • 50 participants – adds truc2 modulated multi-effect
  • OFFER B – The dlM Bundle – $29 (5 plugins worth $98)
    • 20 participants – adds loophole loop sampler and urban decay distortion
    • 30 participants – adds ClipStar soft clipper
    • 40 participants – adds sixtyfive vintage RMS compressor
    • 50 participants – adds bassbomb monophonic bass synth

The Group Buy sign-up period ends Monday 4 April, 2011. The group buy prices will be valid until May 9, 2011.

More information: de la Mancha