de la Mancha erratic 2

de la Mancha has released a demo version of erratic 2, a drum sample player with a host of randomising and velocity sensitive options to make any drum pattern sound different on each loop.

It can be used to add realism or surrealism depending on how you want to set it up. At the core you have a 15 slot drum sampler with 6 velocity layers per slot, each layer can be played according to velocity, cycled (round-robin) or randomly triggered. To vary things up a bit you can determine the hit probability for each slot and add a random factor for the velocity, pan and swing for each hit.

erratic 2 features

  • Plays any 16, 24 or 32 bit stereo / mono WAV files from RAM for low CPU.
  • 15 sample slots, each triggered by user-definable midi note.
  • 6 velocity layers per sample slot, can be selected by velocity, round-robin or random.
  • 4 choke groups, each slot can be assigned to a group and be cut by a group.
  • Per sample slot parameter modulation includes;
    • Hit probability.
    • Swing randomising.
    • Hit repeat probability, with adjustable delay time, repeat velocity and velocity sensitive feedback.
    • Velocity randomisation.
    • Pan randomisation.
    • Velocity sensitive pitch.
    • Velocity sensitive volume decay envelope with adjustable contours.
    • Low pass filter with velocity sensitive cut-off.
    • Velocity sensitive cut-off decay envelope with adjustable contours.
  • Midi out.
  • Mute and solo for each sample slot.
  • Sample reverse.
  • Sample slot normalisation.
  • Selectable mono/stereo and quality level for low RAM systems.
  • Multi-out version has 15 stereo outputs for routing to individual mixer channels in your host.
  • Single-out version available where host does not support multi-out plug-ins.
  • 1480 samples (306 MB) covering velocity sampled acoustic kits, vintage electronic, glitch, jazz, world and esoteric noises.
  • 40 presets covering various kits and technique examples.

erratic 2 is planned for release on 8th September 2008 and will cost $39 USD. The demo can already be downloaded from the product page.

Visit de la Mancha for more information and audio demos.