de la Mancha Erratic

de la Mancha has released Erratic, a free drum sample player with some added “randomising” features to provide variation on every cycle.


  • step sequenced drum sample player
  • 8 sample slots output to 8 stereo channels (multi-out)
  • plays 16 & 24 bit mono & stereo wavs
  • 12/16/24/32 step sequencer
  • velocity, hit probability and velocity randomness per step
  • pitch and swing randomised per sample
  • velocity sensitive low pass filter per sample
  • global randomised swing
  • play samples through step sequencer and/or midi notes
  • midi trigger to play partial patterns
  • 90 drum samples included
  • 39 presets

Note: If you can’t get this one to work you probably need to read the included readme.txt

Visit de la Mancha for more information.