de la Mancha GTX

de la Mancha has released revision B of GTO & GTX, a bundle of compressor effect plug-ins for Windows.

GTO and GTX are a pair of vintage style ‘character’ compressors, designed like their muscle car name-sakes for brute power, pure speed and to make a loud noise. They have everything you’d expect in a thorough-bred compressor, but are tuned for maximum control and ease of use, each with their own unique vintage colouring on top.

Changes in GTO & GTX Revision B

  • Added option to chose from 2 attack/release curves with the SHAPE toggle.
  • Added peak meter hold time control, using the screw on the meter to adjust sensitivity.
  • Noise level is now dynamic to output level plus random element, was previously static.
  • Added a ground loop to remove the 60Hz mains hum.
  • Fixed bug where zero release time would disable the sidechain.
  • Internal sidechain only versions for hosts that don’t allow multi-input plugins.
  • Meter selection isn’t now saved with preset.
  • GTX is a less intense shade of blue.

GTO & GTX are currently available to purchase in the Vintage Colouring Bundle Group Buy, where you can buy a bundle of 5 plugins for $21 USD if 20 or more participants sign up before April 30, 2010. The regular price for GTO & GTX is $29 USD.

More information: de la Mancha / GTO & GTX