de la Mancha subhuman VSTi

de la Mancha has recently put up a bunch of cool freeware VST plug-ins. Subhuman, a sub bass monosynth, is the latest addition.

Currently there are 3 synth and 3 effect plug-ins available for download. Detailed information on each plug-in is available on the de la Mancha website.


  • subhuman
    sub bass monosynth: simple 2 Osc monosynth for deep subby bass
  • basic
    fixed Oscillator SID lite: lofi synth for those Commodore 64 sounds
  • subfreak
    ultra simple sub bass monosynth: little brother of subhuman, for those who don’t like twiddling knobs

de la Mancha pitchfork VST

  • pitchfork
    pitch randomiser: randomly shift pitch of audio, fast and extreme for glitchyness, slow and subtle for a little variation
  • kitchen sync
    LFO controlled filter/flanger/volume/pan: customisable LFO waveform to create rhythmic filtering, flanging, volume and panning
  • moot
    midi latched mute/rhythmic gate/pingpong: asign any midi key to latch the mute button, a rhythmic chopping gate and/or pingponger

Visit de la Mancha for more information and links to download these plug-ins.