Plugin Boutique has launched a sale on Bollywood Maharaja Drums, an instrument plugin featuring 1,200 one shot drum sounds and 100 kits.

BeatSkillz Bollywood Maharaja Drums sale

Everyone today has the same Drum Kit libraries as they are derived from other libraries and beat machines. We wanted to do something special, yet we wanted to sound contemporary and cater to new Hiphop, Trap, EDM composers, producers and bring an extra flavour to their music.

So we went to India and recorded some amazing sounds of Indian Percussion with some of the top musicians of bollywood. All these sounds were then treated with outboard EQs and Compressors to make them sound even more punchy in the context of todays music.

This is a genre defining library in itself!. The plugin is well designed to fit in your workflow with 100 kits of “perfectly” engineered sounds which go well together and cater to your Trap, Hiphop, OVO, EDM or your own new genre!

Bollywood Maharaja Drums (VST/AU) is available from Plugin Boutique at 70% off until June 8th, 2017. Includes 1,200 one shot wav files for use in other software & hardware.

More information: Plugin Boutique / BeatSkillz Bollywood Maharaja Drums