The Loop Loft has launched a sale on the Nate Smith Drums Bundle, a drum library bundle that features “live” hypnotic drum grooves with an incredibly deep pocket.

The Loop Loft Nate Smith Drum Bundle

We wanted to kickoff summer correctly and give you this insane deal on The Nate Smith Drum Bundle.

Nate is easily one of the funkiest drummers on the planet, and this huge loop and sample bundle definitely captures that. We recorded these sessions at the famed Bunker Studios in NYC through their vintage Neve 8058 console, and the drums sound as good as they feel.

Cool? Don’t miss out on this deal (it ends soons) and be sure to grab the FREE offer that you’ll see during checkout (it’s another amazing drum pack featuring one of the top jazz drummers in the world).

The bundle is on sale for $19 USD until June 13th.

More information: The Loop Loft / Nate Smith Drums Bundle