VST Buzz has launched a 70% off deal on Sample Magic Stacker, a powerful drum layering plugin that uses sampling and synthesis across multiple layers to create personalized drum sounds.

Import up to 3 different audio samples, combine ambient live recordings for composite drum layers, then combine these with Stacker’s synth engine featuring a powerful modelled analogue oscillator with separate noise generator for constructing sonically rich kicks, snare, hats, percussion and FX.

The plugin boasts three independent sample layers, a fully fledged analogue-style drum synthesiser, dynamic FX section, plus innovative tools like Scatter (intelligent time displacement) and Pump (delay and impulse sculpting).

With smart global editing, flexible modulation, free-form curve-enhanced envelopes, precise filters, dedicated stereo tools and macro assignments for instant tweaks, this is the world’s most compelling sound layering tool for drums.

Stacker features

  • 3 x Sample Layers – Tune/Pan/Loop/Normalise/Reverse, Stereo Channel matrix,Stereo Width, Sample Delay, Amp Envelope, Pitch Envelope.
  • 1 x Synth layer – Variable Wavetable, Noise, Noise Envelope, Amp Envelope, Pitch Envelope, Scale, Save/Load/ Randomise Shape.
  • Insert FX (all layers) – Digitze, Clip Filter, Zero Flanger, Mod Shift, 2 Band EQ, Dual Filters.
  • Send FX: Delay – Delay, Pump Envelope, 1 Band EQ, Dual Filters.
  • Send FX: Impulse – IR Impulse, Pump Envelope, 1 Band EQ, Dual Filters.
  • Modulation/Routing – Modulation Matrix, Selectable Polarity, 4x Modulation Envelopes, 4 Macro controls with Rename.
  • Scatter – Intelligent d-part sample offset.
  • Global controls – Global Edit, Mixer: 6 Channels, Scope Output Visualiser, Midi Velocity/Keytrack, Trigger Modes, Polyphony: 16 notes, Modes: Mono/Poly.
  • Presets – 1208 presets covering Kicks, Snares, HiHats, Cymbals, Percussion, Sub Bass, FX, styles / genres created from over 750 audio files.

Stacker is available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX), priced at just 29.99 EUR until August 22nd (regular price 89.99 EUR).

More information: VST Buzz / Sample Magic Stacker