Defective Records Klee 2.0, software step sequencer updated

Defective Records Klee 2.0

Defective Records has released version 2.0 of Klee, a software step sequencer for Windows and Mac.

Klee is a MIDI-enabled software recreation of the hardware Klee step sequencer – developed with the input of the sequencer’s creators!

New in Klee 2.0

  • VST instrument hosting.
  • Intelligently constrain output notes to scale (using Modal Object Library).
  • Output chord based on active root note – up to 6 notes in chord, plus root note.
  • External pattern load via MIDI or audio input triggers.
  • External MIDI controllers support via MIDI CC messages, with MIDI learn.
  • Group A – Group B output.
  • Convert active LEDs to active switches, for Groups A, B, or A and B.
  • Reverse sequence direction.
  • Built-in clock divide capability, now with additional options.

Klee is available to purchase for PC and Mac, priced at $40 USD.

More information: Defective Records / Klee

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Updated to v2.2:
– MIDI CC controllers are now scaled to cover their full 0-127 range.
– Can now add MIDI CC controller manually (in addition to automated MIDI learn).
– Can now save default MIDI controller device and controller map.
– Application size now configurable.
– On Macintosh, now compliant with Gatekeeper (10.7.x and 10.8.x) setting
that allows identified Apple developer applications to be installed.