Defective Records has released version 2.0 of Major Malfunction, a mangle, glitch & fsu effect for Ableton Live.

Major Malfunction v2.0

Major Malfunction v2.0 – Glitch for your Ableton Live

Major Malfunction is an audio plugin (Mac only) that mutates your Ableton Live audio in real time, under your control.

New in v2.0

  • new multi mode, allows for multiple effects per step
  • in multi mode, allows for serial or parallel routing
  • in serial multi mode, can rearrange effects in any order
  • dramatic efficiency improvements compared with previous versions
  • small bug fixes

Major Malfunction costs $25 USD. A demo is available for download (it will beep at you every 20 seconds).

Visit Defective Records for more information and audio demos.