Plugin Boutique has launched an exclusive promotion on the bundle of Denise Audio’s Dragon and Punisher plugins, offering a 40% discount in celebration of its 10 year anniversary.

Dragon Fire introduces a monstrous new and easy way to tame and colour the dynamics of your tracks called tonal compression and on top adds Shape™ technology to finely shape the sound and behaviour of your compressor. The Dragon Fire offers the ease of use of an equalizer with its push-pull graph, but more freedom, power and simplicity than a multi-band compressor. Speed up your workflow and add creativity and fun to your production process keeping your ears fresh, creative and healthy.

Punisher is tape-style saturator with a unique way to control the colouration of the drive effect. You can use it to add flavour and character to synths, vocals and drums, or to entire beats or mixes.

The bundle is on sale for $76 USD until February 28th, 2022. The regular value of both plugins is $128 USD.

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