Denon DJ has announced that it has released its new version 1.3.1 firmware update for the SC5000/M Prime media player and Engine Prime music management system.

Denon DJ Spring Updates

The new release unifies the feature set across all Prime Series hardware units and adds a significantly more powerful music preparation and performance workflow for DJs. Importing, editing and playing multiple format DJ collections has just been taken to the next level, representing a truly ‘open to all,’ future-facing DJ system.

Highlights of the new v1.3.1 update are as follows:

  • Direct import of Rekordbox playlists, hot-cues and memory loops
    Removing the fear of change for any cautious DJ, this new feature makes any time-invested, carefully curated Rekordbox collection (of any size) directly accessible within Engine Prime v1.3.1. A quick and easy import procedure makes it simple and fast to bring in Rekordbox playlists, songs, hot cues and memory loops, all in readiness for selected collection export to the SC5000/M and Prime 4 units.
  • Speed improvements to Serato, iTunes and Traktor imports
    With digital music collections getting larger and a DJ’s time becoming more valuable, Engine Prime v1.3.1’s greatly increased import speed brings in your Serato DJ, NI Traktor and iTunes music collections faster than ever.
  • SC5000/M On-Screen Editing of Crates and Playlists
    Crates and playlists can now be added, edited and removed directly on the SC5000/M touchscreen without the need for a computer. DJs can now take advantgage of on-the-fly creation and manipulation of their music collections, live at a gig or during prep-time at the studio.
  • Musical Key Change and Key Sync feature for SC5000/M
    Simple to use and fast to engage, DJ’s can now effortlessly apply a musical key change to their tracks, up and down in single semitone increments. Instant, one button press key matching is also added and audio quality remains pristine at all frequencies. Standalone, harmonic DJ mixing is here.
  • New Search Filter criteria menu
    SC5000/M users can now search massive music collections with additional criteria, like ‘Comments’ and ‘Date Added.’ Song Lists can now also be sorted using these collection criteria additions.
  • Improved High-Frequency response and Speed Resolution to track playback
    Crisp and dynamic high-end frequency playback is ensured for DJs, who demand the very best audio reproduction and playback on today’s mobile, club and festival sound systems. In addition, speed slider resolution is now adjustable in 0.01% BPM increments for ultimate, precise flexibility in the mix.
  • SoundSwitch StagelinQ Support
    A new update to Denon DJs StagelinQ protocol enables full control over both simplistically automated or complex programmed lightshows as the SC5000/M and Prime 4 units are now functionally integrated with SoundSwitch v1.9.

All Prime 4 units come with the 1.3.1 firmware/features update.

X1800 Prime Mixer

With the version 1.2 update, the X1800 Prime Mixer now has integrated OLED screen improvements for adjustable brightness and screensaver modes, plus a new ‘limiter’ icon to show if active. Utility settings for microphone send, gate and frequency adjustments are also added as well as ‘tap-tempo’ flexibility improvements.

“Together, the v1.3.1 (Engine Prime/SC5000/M) and v1.2 (X1800) updates bring one of the most significant enhancement sets to the Prime Series ecosystem,” said Paul Dakeyne, Creative Director for Denon DJ. He added, “The ability to directly import an entire Rekordbox collection removes any remaining hesitation a DJ would have to make the switch to this most future-facing of DJ systems. The Prime Series SC5000 and SC5000M also get significant enhancements, increasing a DJ’s workflow efficiency and creative performance capabilities simultaneously.”

More information: Denon DJ