DETUNIZED.COM DTS007 - The Junglefish Synthesizer

DETUNIZED.COM has released DTS007 – The Junglefish Synthesizer, a new Ableton instrument created from a sampled handmade, unique, analog synthesizer.

The Junglefish: An analog synthesizer at its best. 5 Oscillators, Multimodefilter, Envelope, LFO, PWM – everything that is needed to keep the spirit of the “one knob – one function” sounds alive.
We transferred this philosophy to Ableton Live, expanding the virtual Junglefish with 25 samplebased, hot swappable “Blend to FX” oscillators that allow morphing of the waveforms from clean to distorted and back and forward and back and forward and…

For a detailed description of the Junglefish check out our video.

After the successful Vox Populi Synthesizer, announced in July 2009, the Junglefish is the second release of our semi-modular synthesizer line – and there is more to come!

DTS007 – The Junglefish Synthesizer features

  • Instruments: 1 (4 OSC slots, FM, AM, input and output processing)
  • Oscillators: 25×2, noise module, FX unit
  • Keyrange: full (C-2 to G8)
  • No. of samples: 1551 (24 Bit, 44,1 kHz)
  • Disk space needed: approx. 400 MB
  • Installation instruction included.

DTS007 – The Junglefish Synthesizer is available as an instant download for €6.98 EUR. Subscribers pay €4.98 EUR.

More information: DETUNIZED.COM