Detunized DTB105 Bundle

Detunized has announced a bundle featuring its 5th decade of Live Packs, now available at a special introductory price.

Another decade of Detunized Live Packs has been completed. So it´s time to pack them all into one versatile bundle of themed sound libraries. The DTB105 – Bundle has been released!

With this creative Bundle you can dive into a world of 389 handcrafted Ableton presets that feature the sounds of cool analog & hybrid classics, of FM-synths, of an acoustic guitar, graphic sounds, computer and electromagnetic field noises, of an Upright Piano and a Glass Harp.

DTB105 – Bundle features

  • 10 Ableton Live Packs, compatible with Live 8/9:
    • DTS041 – Magmavoxx 3000 (a reincarnation of the Multivox MX – 3000)
    • DTS042 – 4op (Yamaha TX81z FM – Synthesizer)
    • DTS043 – Vox Populi 2 (The Russian Polivoks)
    • DTS044 – Guitar (A six string stock acoustic guitar)
    • DTS045 – Polite 800 (Korg Poly 800)
    • DTS046 – Gra.FX 2 (images transfered into sound)
    • DTS047 – Computer Noises (hard disks, CPU-fans and more)
    • DTS048 – Piano (An upright Piano rigth beside an auto shop)
    • DTS049 – HumBuzz (electromagnetic field noises)
    • DTS050 – Glass Harp (wine glasses filled with water)
  • 2.3 GB Sample content (4326 samples).
  • 389 Ableton Live Racks in total.

The bundle is available to purchase for the introductory price of 49 EUR until August 20th, 2013 (regular 69 EUR).

More information: Detunized