Detunized Around Bridges 2

Detunized has announced the release of Around Bridges 2 (Berlin), volume 2 of its popular Around Bridges sound library series, a collection of otherworldly bangs and ambiences.

After Around Bridges 1 (Dresden), Volume 2 now introduces the unheard sounds of Berlin Bridges.

Around Bridges Volume 2 was recorded with a two-channel contact microphone setup and features more than twenty iron and steel bridges that are an integral part of the dense traffic network in Berlin.

The library contains emited sounds that are evolved by the constant stream of passing cars, trucks, trams and metro trains. The entire material of this library forms a comprehensive resource for the creation of otherworldly ambiences, futuristic pass-bys or eerie atmospheres with a touch of old steel and iron.

Around Bridges Volume 2 is available in three formats.

  • Live Pack includes 42 Instrument Racks (200 MB). Price: 15 EUR. Requires Live 8/9.
  • BWAV Light includes 60 Broadcast WAV files with embedded description in 24/48 resolution (650 MB). Price: 15 EUR.
  • BWAV HD96 includes 186 Broadcast WAV files with embedded description in 24/96 resolution (5.4 GB). Price: 45 EUR.

More information: Detunized / Around Bridges 2