Detunized Harmona Forte

Detunized has announced the release of Harmona Forte, a sound library for Ableton Live.

The Harmona Forte is a keyboard instrument similar to a reed organ. The sound of the instrument is produced by air being blown through reeds of different length. The air is provided by an electrical driven blower that produces a permanent wind noise. With this functional principle and its sound the Harmona Forte belongs to the Aerophones.

Harmona Forte features

  • 5 original sounds of the Harmona but offers more flexibility. The stereo width and the levels of blower noise, key-on and key-off sound and the reeds are adjustable separately.
  • 14 instruments that base upon the sound of the original but go far beyond this. These 14 additional instruments are best suited as supplement for textural or rhythmical layerings.
  • 245 samples, 130 MB content.

Harmona Forte for Ableton Live 7 or higher is available to purchase for 4.98 EUR (subscription) or 6.98 EUR (instant buy).

Detunized has also released a free Oberhof Live Pack, available exclusively for subscribers.

More information: Detunized