DETUNIZED.COM has launched its website with a free download for Ableton, Reason and FL Studio.

DETUNIZED.COM offers extensions for three of the most widespread audio workstations in the world, namely Ableton Live, Propellerhead Reason, FL Studio and their respective devices – Simpler, NN-XT, Directwave.

Our sample-based libraries will contain patches and sounds that cover an extensive variety of ready-to-use, but fully customizable presets, ranging from discreet timbres up to droones and soundscapes of detailed complexity.

Starting April 1, 2009, Detunized will offer monthly releases purchasable via Paypal-Subscription or Paypal-Instant-Buy.

DETUNIZED.COM Grandpa's Piano

A free download, dtn000 – Grandpa’s Piano, is available in Ableton, Reason and FL Studio formats.

It contains a meticulously conserved old style piano I discovered in the attic of my grandfathers sea-side farm, moistly, mouldy and exuding some strange smell.

Note: the content for these downloads is different so you might want to check the individual downloads if you have these DAWs.

Visit DETUNIZED.COM for more information.