Devine Machine OTR88

Devine Machine has released OTR88, an electric piano instrument plug-in based on physical modeling.

In early development stages Devine Machine received advices from Herbie Handcock himself.

Unlike sample based instruments, OTR88 physical synthesis provides seamless dynamics and virtually unlimited electric piano models sounds, for less than 10Mb hard drive space and moderate CPU usage.

OTR88 features

  • Powerful physical modeling for the most authentic electric piano sounds.
  • “Per key settings” concept makes keyboard instruments completely customisable.
  • Intuitive effect management to let you configure easily your post processing chain.
  • 7 high quality vintage Stereo effects.
  • User friendly slick interface that gives you the most efficient access to every parameter.
  • Full automation to take full control of any global parameters from any midi controller.
  • Midi learn.
  • Preset Manager (Legato, Mono, Unison, 16 voice polyphony).

OTR88 is available for purchase for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) for 229 EUR. A demo version can be downloaded here.

OTR32, a free emulation of a small bass electric piano, featuring the same technology as its big brother OTR88, will be available for download soon.

Visit the new Devine Machine website for more information and some audio and video demos.