Deztex Tramp Model A VSTi

Deztex Limited Productions has released Tramp Model A, a 3 Operator FM Synth featuring 2 LFO’s and a Sweepable BiQuad Filter. It is designed to emulate the classic FM synths of the 80’s.


  • 3 Operators that can be configured into 4 different algorithms
  • Each Oscillator has Sine, Ramp, Saw, Triangle & Square Wave. Frequency is set by keyboard pitch with ratio adjustments up to +-5 octaves. Detune up or down 1 octave in semi-tones (notes)
  • Each Operator has a separate 4 stage envelope generator
  • Each Operator has a separate control for setting the sensitivity for Velocity, Amplitude Modulation or Pitch Modulation
  • An output level controls the output level for each OSC. Each OSC can also be switched off
  • The Model A features 2 LFOs. Each LFO is gated and has an Attack and Release Envelope. Each LFO produces Sine, Ramp, Saw, Triangle and Square Waves
  • The Model A also features a 4 stage pitch envelope generator
  • The operators can be configured into 4 different Algorithms
  • Operator 3 includes an adjustable feedback path
  • A Biquad sweepable filter is included on this vst. The filter can be selected to a Low Pass, Hi Pass, Band Pass or Notch. The Fc (critical / center frequency) and Q (bandwidth) is adjustable. The filter includes a built in gated LFO with Sine, Saw, Ramp, Triangle and Square Waves. The LFO is gated and can be delayed. LFO Speed and Depth controls are also included. The LFO modulates the FC of the filter
  • Portamento and a Master Volume are also include

Tramp Model A is freeware and can be downloaded from Deztex Limited Productions.