Deztex Limited Productions Tramp 4 VSTi

Deztex has released Tramp 4, A freeware 4 Operator FM Synth developed with SynthEdit.


  • 4 Operators that can be configured into 8 different algorithms
  • Each Oscillator has Sine, Ramp, Saw ,Triangle & Square Wave and 2 modes, Ratio and Fixed
  • Frequency is set by keyboard pitch with ratio adjustments up to 6 octaves
  • Fixed frequency range is from 1 hz to 20 Khz
  • Fine Tune adjusts 2 octaves in Ratio Mode
  • Fine Tune is Log10(x) scale in Fixed Mode
  • Fixed Frequency is displayed in Hz
  • Detune up or down 1 octave

Check Deztex Limited Production for more information and a link to download Tramp 4.