Diego Stocco has announced Percussive Echoes Bonus, a free collection of impulse responses.

Diego Stocco FFS // Percussion Echoes Bonus

“FFS // Percussive Echoes Bonus” is a mini collection of 10 Impulse Responses specifically designed for the processing of beats, drum machines, real drums, percussions, beat boxing and percussive instruments. You can download it for free or “pay what you want”.

I created them for the convolution processing you can hear in my track “Percussive Echoes” (no other reverbs or impulse responses used): http://soundcloud.com/diegostocco/percussive-echoes-diego-stocco

To learn more about how Convolution Processing applied to rhythmic material works, check out “FFS // Rhythmic Convolutions“, a set of 200 impulse responses.

More information: Diego Stocco