It Might Get Loud Productions has announced the release of Dieswitch Drums, a small yet punchy drumkit that packs the punch of the early 2000’s New England Metalcore drums.

Fat snares, big kicks, big toms, the essentials that shaped the sound of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal. It features mix-ready samples that cut through even the densest mix.

Dieswitch Drums features

  • 1x Kick.
  • 1x Snare.
  • 3 x Toms.
  • Hihat, Ride, 2x Crash, China, Stack, 2x Splash.
  • Each Drum contains 4 velocity layers and 4 Round Robins.
  • Total Library Size ~60Mb.
  • VST/AU & AAX support.

Dieswitch Drums is available for 30 EUR.

A purchases includes the Metalcore Essentials MIDI pack, which is also available separately for 10 EUR. Prices ex. VAT.

More information: It Might Get Loud Productions