Digidesign Pro Tools 8

Digidesign is now shipping Pro Tools 8, the latest version of its audio creation and production software.

Pro Tools 8 features a gorgeous new interface, dozens of new plug-ins and virtual instruments, exciting new scoring and MIDI features, expanded editing and mixing capabilities, enhanced performance, and more. With Pro Tools 8, you get the most comprehensive music and sound creation features and functionality, and the proven, dedicated platform for world-class audio production, all in a single application.

For composers and musicians, Pro Tools 8 provides powerful functionality for streamlining the creative process, and delivers the most versatile sonic palette ever available out-of-the-box for Pro Tools.

New music creation features include:

  • Fully integrated MIDI and Score Editor windows for greatly enhanced MIDI editing functionality and professional score editing and printing
  • A sizable collection of music creation and sound-processing plug-ins, including: 20 all-new effects and five new virtual instruments—Mini Grand piano, Boom drum machine, DB-33 tonewheel organ, Vacuum tube-modeled synthesizer, and Xpand!2™ sample player
  • High-quality amplifiers simulation via Digidesign’s acclaimed new guitar amp emulator Eleven™ Free as well as Tech21 SansAmp® amplifier emulator
  • An 8 GB bundle of high-quality loops

For music and post production professionals, Pro Tools 8 offers:

  • Revolutionary Elastic Pitch, which makes it easy to transpose music in real time right in the Edit window
  • 10 inserts per channel
  • Enhanced controller integration with Digidesign and M-Audio® control surfaces
  • ICON integration enhancements that dramatically increase speed and efficiency
  • HD QuickTime support on Mac OS X for increased versatility

Visit Digidesign for more information and details on pricing.