Digidesign Pro Tools 7

Digidesign has announced that Pro Tools® 7 software is now shipping for Pro Tools|HD® and Pro Tools LE™ systems, and Pro Tools 7 M-Powered™ will follow soon.

These highly anticipated updates deliver a wealth of new features and enhancements such as significantly expanded recording and editing capabilities for audio and MIDI, greater mixing power and flexibility, enhanced efficiency, and improved ease of use. The result is a whole new set of tools that advances the art of audio production.

New in version 7

  • More Compositional Tools
    Take advantage of new Instrument Tracks for improved integration with virtual instruments and MIDI sound modules. Work with REX and ACID files — two of the most popular formats for loops and samples. Group any combination of audio and MIDI regions together to quickly build arrangements. Use new region looping capabilities to assemble grooves or fill time between video cues. Apply groove input quantization to alter the feel of MIDI tracks as you record. With these and many more features, Pro Tools 7 software is what composers have been waiting for.
  • Tweaking Encouraged
    Experiment more freely with MIDI tracks using new real-time MIDI processing capabilities. Capitalize on mirrored MIDI editing to automatically alter copies of MIDI regions throughout a session. Use the new Zoom Toggle button to quickly enter an editor view mode for easy editing of audio and MIDI. Choose the new Link Track and Edit Selection option to apply track-level commands across multiple tracks at the same time. In addition to these features, nearly every MIDI operation window includes enhancements, making it faster and easier to work with MIDI than ever before.
  • Greater Mixing Power and Flexibility
    Enhanced support for multi-processor computers and improvements to the RTAS® environment in Pro Tools 7 software increase plug-in counts up to 150% on dual-processor computers. In many cases, you’ll be able to run more than twice as many RTAS plug-ins and virtual instruments on your sessions. Additional software optimizations provide a faster, more responsive, and more powerful workstation. Plus, support for RTAS processing plug-ins on Aux Inputs and Master Faders (a new feature for Pro Tools|HD® systems) enhances compatibility between Pro Tools|HD, Pro Tools LE™, and Pro Tools M-Powered™ systems.
  • Even Easier to Use
    Even with all of its additions and improvements, Pro Tools 7 software is still one of the easiest audio applications to use. Menus have been streamlined and organized more logically, though key commands remain the same. A new Tool Tips feature provides descriptions of objects within the interface when the cursor is placed over them so you can get better acquainted with the interface.
  • Unique Hardware Options
    Pro Tools 7 software supports a full array of hardware interfaces and peripherals, so you can use the hardware option that best suits your needs. Pro Tools HD 7 software works with Pro Tools|HD and Pro Tools|HD Accel systems; Pro Tools LE 7 software supports Mbox®, Mbox 2, Digi 002®, and Digi 002 Rack™ systems; and Pro Tools M-Powered 7 software supports a wide range of M-Audio® peripherals

Check Digidesign for more information on Pro Tools 7.