Diginoiz Drums Injection

Diginoiz has released Drums Injection, a collection of one shot drum samples.

“Drums Injection” is a sample kit (drum one shots) that will addict every producer looking for the best drum sounds. One shot samples contained in this package were created specifically to add power to every composition they will be used in.

Kicks, snares, claps and other elements of the Drums Injection package will bring your beats to the next level! Check the top quality of Diginoiz, this time in one shot format. The kit was prepared using high quality tube equalizers and compressors by Manley and TL Audio.

Drums Injection features

  • 250 perfectly sounding drum one shots (24bit & 16bit WAV and 24bit AIFF)
  • Specifically: 60 Kick Drums, 60 Snare Drums, 60 Claps, 60 HiHats and 10 Shakers.
  • Ready to use in hip-hop, r&b, soul and pop genre.

Drums Injection is available to purchase as a download for 23 EUR.

More information: Diginoiz